Friday, 15 July 2016

Creating "She Reclaims Her Voice"

The concept of this quilt started shortly after I came across a Canadian Folklore Book titled "Canadian Wonder Tales, Macmillan, Cyrus (1880-1953).  The image "The Chief had a Beautiful Daughter" by George Sheringham inspired me.

As time went on I realized that this little quilt can have a voice of her own. 

So, with the help and guidance of friends the design developed ... 

The quilt was designed using a photograph provided to me by my dear friend, Nikki L. In hopes of developing awareness I created her in honour of the many missing and murdered aboriginal woman all across Canada.  

Canadian women bring life to families and communities across the vast country. My quilt represents the gifts, powers and knowledge she possesses. All women deserve a fair chance for a life free of violence, poverty and stereotypes that may limit her potential. Through awareness and education we must ensure that she has access to justice without discrimination; 

She shall live in the midst of splendour.

The sky is filled with the Aurora Borealis, the magical Northern lights we are so lucky to bare witness to.  At her feet she is surrounded by cattails and dragonflies  Cattails represent peace and bestows a wish of prosperity.  She holds in her hand a bunch of sage which spiritually evokes immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection & wishes.  The dragonfly symbol carries wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life.

Enjoy the following photos illustrating the creation of "She Reclaims Her Voice"  

This is the original photo.  Face has been blurred for her privacy.  




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