Monday, 6 April 2015

More quilts by Dawn Piasta

Zora, Waterhen Mermaid

Close up of Zora
Zora's fin

Zora's torso


Waterhen's Special

An experiment with bleach discharge, acrylic paint and free motion quilting.  The main image is a star anise outline.  Star anise is one of the spices used in Chai Tea, I read a blog by Cindy Ryan of the Dirty Wall project that inspired me.  I wish I had made the image more symmetrical, the final result was not entirely pleasing to me.  I rushed the deadline and realized that I will not do that again.  Up close the stitching is really beautiful, however far away I feel that it is less than impressive.  I may do the technique again but will take more time planning out and balancing the design within the frame. 


This is my "Ode to Garlic" ; As part of our 2013 Crocus Quilt guild annual challenge the three fabrics inspired me to create garlic themed piece.  I thought it was funny to create a tribute to garlic and incorporate Swarovski jewels and raw silk into the design.  I may eventually add more crystals to the piece.

This is Halla; she change my quilting destiny.  She taught me that I have what it takes to make beautiful art. Because of her I was able to show my quilts at some of the premier quilt shows.  I am honoured to have been part of the Quilt For Change quilt challenges.  The friendship I forged with Allison Wilbur and her family made a huge impact on my quilt life.

Once again, this piece is the result of another Crocus challenge quilt.  
I did not like this fabric and had a hard time connecting inspiration to a finished product. Along with the fabric i was given three quilting words that i had to incorporate into the quilt. I think the words were Pieced, embellishments, raw edge.

I ripped the fabric into strips, leaving the "raw edges" then i "pieced" the strips by weaving them with other matching fabrics.  I finally embellished the quilt with buttons and silk flowers to make a rustic yet modern wall hanging.  

Now i had a blast with this piece.  I started with a photo of a Walleye fish, simplified it into line art and made a template.  Using bit and scraps i applied the pieces together.  I used natural and neon colors/ the top stitching was fun and lively.  The quilt hangs from fishing line attached to an antique fishing rod/reel at our cabin.

Pattern by Heather Lair Design. Workshop in Dauphin, Manitoba.

Ricky Timms convergence, workshop.  Chinese symbol was supposed to translate as "love"

After the fires at Yellowstone National Park in 2006.  
Jackson Hole trip with Tom, Chris & I.

"Our Bird"; inspired by a photo taken by Ryan Askren. Norman Rockwell guild challenge fabrics.

Kelwood, Manitoba Prairie Sounds Quilt show. 
Meadowlark Sings.  August, 2014.

She Dances

Quilter's Garden

Wood Duck, Ducks Unlimited Cover inspiration  
Flour sack from mom.  Thread painting.

Geraniums for Virginia

Rainbow fabric, Tonga fabric layer cake from mom.

On the Wind Challenge quilt that i never submitted.

Black and White and one color guild challenge

Free motion doodling on raw silk with my new APQS George sewing maching

Handmade Dragon Fly batik fabric from Cabo San Lucas, December, 2014.

Close-up of dragon fly.  Unfinished 

Pre-top stitching of 2015 Challenge project.  
Orange, Green and beige batik fabrics mixed with scraps from my stash.
The theme of this little quilt is Mexican Milagros; little wishes.
You will see wishes for creativity, relationships, health, success & spirituality.


Second 2015 challenge piece, scraps.

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